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Fairy Tales | Cinderella | Leo Valdez X Reader |02
Chapter Two: Leo
The fact that she needed to find a husband at the ball that was being held in less than a week, caused (Name) to go into a sense of panic.  Two days, in two days she was to find a husband because her Uncle was annoyed with unwillingness to marry. Her family had attempted to try and comfort her, offering to completely derail the ball for her. While tempted to accept the offer made the princess knew that she had to at least try and enjoy the ball being celebrated for her, try and meet a nice guy.
“Hey guys, I need some space” (Name) spoke up as she looked at her family that was talking around her about what needed to happen.
“Sorry (Nickname)” Hazel soothed as she placed her hand on her half-sister’s shoulder “you want us to go?”
“No, I’m going to go into –”
“NO!” a collective answer came from the group, knowing exactly what the youngest fe
:iconkayleethedreamer:KayLeeTheDreamer 3 1
Daughter of Athena |Leo Valdez X Reader
Daughter of Athena
Coming back into the cabin (Name) tried to ignore the blush that was on her cheeks from how close Leo had been to her.
“How was Leo?” Annabeth asked when she saw her half-sister slink into the cabin before flopping onto her bed. “You haven’t told him yet?”
“And say what? Want to screw up our friendship on a chance this relationship could work?”
“You know that …”
“You and Piper say that he likes me back, but he hasn’t shown an inkling of liking me like that” (Name) buried her face in her pillow.
“He totally does, Piper and I have a plan to get him to admit it” Annabeth smirked before leaving her half-sisters room, dodging the pillow that was tossed at her head.
“Please don’t, I get scared when you two plot together” 
“It will be fine, Hazel’s helping”
“That just makes me even
:iconkayleethedreamer:KayLeeTheDreamer 8 0
MC Prologue Pg 10 Mystic Messenger Fan Comic by MariStoryArt MC Prologue Pg 10 Mystic Messenger Fan Comic :iconmaristoryart:MariStoryArt 156 18
Emotions|Sting Eucliffe X Reader | Chapter 04

Chapter Four: Temporary Fantasy
White: purity, innocence, equality, simplicity, futuristic, balance - Air.
The relationship between Sting Eucliffe and (Full Name) was in the beginning stages of starting again, in the long run they both knee that deep down their guild's would get in the way of the new found happiness they were experiencing. The night in the infirmary that they had shared together had reminded the dragonslayer of the promise he had made to the colour-Mage years ago, a promise he vowed that he would continue to uphold.
>> Day. 3 of Grand Magic Games >>
Porlyusica had kept (Name) and Wendy in the infirmary for the second day, allowing them out on the third day of the tournament, on the condition that they did not do anything overly strenuous [both females were lying through their teeth, if they were called up to fight in a match neither were going to hold back].
:iconkayleethedreamer:KayLeeTheDreamer 21 2
Emotions | Sting Eucliffe X Reader | Chapter 02

Chapter Two: Still Afraid
Yellow: Impulsivity, intellect, fun, cheerfulness, mind, energy - Light
<<One Week Prior <<
The forming of a B Team was an idea that Makarov had after he learnt about the newly implemented rule in the Grand Magic Games. The issue he was having with this rule was choosing members who would make up the team, having already decided on the members for the A Team. He needed not strength or else making his choices would be easier, as he needed a team that was not only strong but could also adapt to different situations all while working in a team should the need arise. It didn't help that the members where either still training or en route back to Magnolia. 
"So flamebrain is on the team" Gajeel stated as he, Laxus, Mira, Juvia and (Name) stood infront of the master who just informed them of the main team entering the Games. 
"Jealous?" (Name) teased as she rocked back on forth on her heels ignoring t
:iconkayleethedreamer:KayLeeTheDreamer 24 0
Emotions| Sting Eucliffe | Chapter 01

Chapter One: 

Pink - Friendship, Love, Compassion, Femininity - Healing/Protection 
Sitting on the hill while she waited for her companion to show up, the young child continued to trace the detailing on her gloves. 
"You're early" the boy's voice caught her attention, snapping the girl's gaze up to meet a pair of blue eyes. 
"You're just late Sting" 
"I am not (Name)" the blonde stuck his tongue out at his friend, as he poked her cheek, causing a smile to grace the younger girl's face "I tried not to be, I swear. I just ..."
"Got into another fight" (Name) finished, knowing that her best friend was strong with a bit of a temper. Raising her hand up to the side of his face where a particularly nasty gash was, before a faint pink glow emitted around her hand and the injury started to heal "You really should be more careful, please?"
"We can't all be like you"
"Like me?"
"A pacifier, no a paci- pacifirst, a paci
:iconkayleethedreamer:KayLeeTheDreamer 39 3
Ladybug - 12 by Ipku Ladybug - 12 :iconipku:Ipku 310 58 Furry Situation 3 by Ipku Furry Situation 3 :iconipku:Ipku 330 48 The Ultimate Pokemon Dating Quiz by DeJakob The Ultimate Pokemon Dating Quiz :icondejakob:DeJakob 3,021 1,789
Prussia x Depressed!Tomboy!Reader - What About Me?
Taking a deep breath, I put on a fake smile and walk through the school doors. The loud chattering of students around me fill my ears as I make my way to my lockers. I silently move around the bustling crowd of teens, yawning slightly. I open my locker and grab my books. I finish what I have to just in time for the loud bell to ring, signaling us to move to class. I sigh, clutching my books closer to myself and walking to class. Just stay away from the others. . . I'm different, right? I don't fit in. . . right? It's why I'm alone. So what if I hate make up, or fashion? So what if I have a different opinion than the other girls I know? It. . . it makes me unique, or so the adults say. That no one can take that from me. They never think about. . . what if I want to fit in? What if I don't want to be different? I don't want to be unique, I want to fit in. Maybe then I'd have friends. . . I turn my head and see Gilbert Beilschmidt, the "Prussian" as he likes to call himself walki
:iconpokemon275:pokemon275 387 213
Japan X Reader- Anime Pick Up Lines
Japan X Reader- Anime Pick Up Lines
A/N- Yep… you bet… XD
I couldn’t help myself and it kinda seems what Japan would do… KINDA.
Warning- Kinda dirty references here. X’D ...More like really. XD I regret nothing. Absolutely nothing. X'D
    Alfred was going over to Kiku’s for a surprise visit. Without even knocking or alerting Kiku to his presence, he entered Kiku’s Japanese styled house and stalked through the halls. Expecting nothing to be out of the ordinary, he was shocked when he heard two laughs, followed by a light masculine and Japanese accented voice.
    “Hai, Hai. Ret’s see… Ah, I’ve got one! ‘You’re the only dirty thing I rike.’ Can you guess?” A feminine chuckle bounced off the walls and entered Alfred’s ears as he stopped walking
:iconshadowrealm666:ShadowRealm666 618 343
Pokemon25YL Series Cover by maimai97 Pokemon25YL Series Cover :iconmaimai97:maimai97 106 22
FerrisWheelShipping: Candyfloss and Ferris Wheels
- Candyfloss and Ferris Wheels -
Nimbasa City was a very exciting place and Hilda promised to herself that she'd come back and visit it as soon as she defeated the Elite Four and the Champion. Until then, she decided to take a tour around the place and unsurprisingly, the first place she headed to was the amusement park.
"Wow, this place is so awesome," she thought to herself in awe as she gazed around the place in amazement. "I should come here again with Bianca and Cheren… actually, maybe just with Bianca."
She giddily walked around, buying almost everything she saw, from pokemon-shaped balloons to sky-blue candyfloss. It felt nice to feel like a child for once instead of bearing the overwhelming responsibility of a trainer.
As she skipped past the Nimbasa gym and headed over to the Ferris Wheel, something or someone for that matter, caught her eye.
"N?" She stopped and stared at the young man, whose tea green hair swayed against the pleasant breeze. He appeared to be reading a
:iconclover-tan:Clover-tan 16 11
A Weary Traveler (GT Ferriswheelshipping oneshot)
“Come on...surely this forest isn’t completely empty of berries…” Touko spoke to herself, she slowly but surely became discouraged. She searched throughout the trees that loomed over her. Her marine blue eyes were sharp and her hair swayed gently in the wind, she decided to wear her chocolate brown hair down since the temperature outside was finally dropping, her backpack was full of outfits, equipment, and much more but it seemed to cover her whole back. Her outfit consisted of a pure white tank top and a simple pair of jeans but she had already gotten plenty of dirt and grass stains on them already.
What she wanted was oran berries, they were quite common to find but like with every fruit they began to disappear with each new day. Touko sighed, her feet began to ache but she tried to just get her mind off of it.
The fact that autumn was almost upon her was troublesome but the wandering brunette had another problem that always lingered in her mind ever since sh
:iconmonochromesky16:MonochromeSky16 16 8
Ferriswheelshipping - See You Tomorrow
Ferriswheelshipping – See You Tomorrow
Note: I realize that this story is inaccurate with N's canon backstory. But this is just a story I wanted to tell, and this is fan FICTION, so I hope you enjoy regardless!
There was once a little girl.
Her name was Touko, and her wavy brown hair was always down and hanging around her shoulders, because she refused to let anyone else touch it. Touko wanted to be the greatest Pokemon Trainer ever when she grew up, but for now, she was just a young girl who lived in Nuvema Town with her two best friends.
There was once a little boy.
His name was Natural Harmonia Gropius, but such a big name is not suitable for such a little child, and so he was called N. N loved Pokemon more than anything else, and they were his life. But he was only shown how much others hurt Pokemon, and he grew to hate humans.
N's mother died when he was 6, but when he was 5, she was still alive, and as loving as can be. Against his father's wishes, she took N o
:iconvera-san:vera-san 25 30
Ferriswheelshipping by Sapphire-Skillz Ferriswheelshipping :iconsapphire-skillz:Sapphire-Skillz 34 3



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Hi I am EODragonKitty201 This is my new account on Deviant art For Minecraftgirl201 because it's not letting me access it So i made a new one so bye
~ Emily/EODragonKitty201


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